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Let our team expand your reach with video and creative content that goes viral.

Social media is the world’s most powerful communications tool. When done right, a well-executed video or graphic can tell the most memorable and persuasive stories about your cause, organisation or charity.

Our video and creative team is led by Jeff Ballingall and Matthew Burns, who together have produced viral videos and graphics that have collectively been viewed over 300 million times.

Using data and years of insight and experience, we help our clients tell their story in ways that resonate on social media. With a strong call to action and an emotive approach, we maximize engagement with your campaign and help you go viral.

Visual content is a powerful motivator. The rise of smartphones means the amount of video and graphics consumed on mobile devices growing rapidly, with social media channels making it easy to share, boost and amplify your message. Just a short 30 second video or graphic can make an incredible difference to the potential reach of your social media campaign.

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