Community Building

Heighten your impact by creating a grassroots, online community in support of your cause.

Mobilize Media excels at creating online communities that sustain your movement.

We have created a variety of social media pages and built up audiences of hundreds of thousands of followers. We’ve had similar success building up e-mail databases through petitions and other data-collection tools.

There are long term benefits to creating a durable online community. People pay a fortune in advertising to reach a desired audience. An engaged online community achieve this for free by turbo charging the reach of your social media content and helping you go viral.

There are other benefits as well. An online community or e-mail database can help with fundraising and outreach to elected officials.
Building up successful social media communities is not easy. It requires perseverance, lots of creativity and people who know what they are doing.

When it comes to building politically-engaged online communities, there is no one in Canada who can match our experience or track record.


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