About Mobilize Media

At Mobilize Media Group we know what it takes to succeed in a digital world. Working with our clients, we have delivered some of Canada’s most effective and efficient digital campaigns – with over 350 million impressions and counting.

Whether you are seeking to effect legislative change, shift public perceptions or achieve widespread support and favourability for an issue, our experienced team can provide you with the advice and support to deliver your campaign.

We work with businesses, trade associations, political campaigns and charities to develop campaign strategies that align with your goals. Our integrated approach means we are able to deliver genuinely multi-channel campaigns that employ the right communications techniques – at the right time – to reach the audiences that your campaign needs to target.

To learn more about how Mobilize Media can help you realize your campaign and strategy goals, reach out to our team below.

Our Team


Jeff Ballingall


Jeff is the founder of Mobilize Media Group. He has extensive experience in digital public affairs and politics, with previous employment with Navigator Ltd., Sun Media, Toronto City Hall and Parliament Hill.


Matthew Burns


Matthew has over 15 years experience working on political campaigns at all levels of government. Matthew excels at all things digital, from video editing to graphic design and email marketing. He also has extensive experience managing databases and overseeing ad buying on all the major social media platforms. Prior to joining MMG, Matthew was a lawyer with McMillan LLP.


Grant Woods

Video Editor

Grant’s primary focus is on video editing and digital content creation. He uses various programs to achieve unparalleled production value including Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects, Maxon Cinema 4d, Octane Render Engine and Insydium X-Particles.


Angelo Isidorou

Social Media Manager

Angelo has extensive experience in political marketing, specifically in the digital realm. Across multiple platforms, including Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram, Angelo has reached millions of viewers and readers. Angelo is also deeply involved in politics, with extensive experience in traditional and digital campaigns. Prior to joining MMG, Angelo was the Director of the Free Speech Club Ltd., an organization dedicated to promoting free speech on Canadian campuses.

Our Process

Community Building

We build community and rally stakeholders to your cause.

Viral Content

We turbo charge your reach with viral content.

Proprietary Targeting

We use proprietary targeting to reach your desired audience.

Data Collection

We collect troves of data to help you advance your mission.


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