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Mobilize Media Group (MMG) creates compelling social media content that influences public opinion, gathers important insights and rallies change. Through our proprietary techniques and data, we excel at producing viral content and organizing online communities. MMG is dedicated to meaningful metrics that get the results our clients deserve.

We have extensive experience working with large public affairs firms to create viral content and manage campaigns. This includes work with some of Canada’s most well-known agencies to complement their traditional public affairs and government relations efforts.

With over five full-time employees and growing, Jeff and MMG are now recognized as leaders in Canadian digital public affairs and work extensively with leading North American firms to help clients change public opinion.
Jeff Ballingall
Jeff is the founder of Mobilize Media Group. He has extensive experience in digital public affairs and politics, with previous employment with Navigator Ltd., Sun Media, Toronto City Hall and Parliament Hill.
Senior Digital Strategist
Jade Veillette
Energetic and bold, Jade is passionate about market research and excels at telling stories that engage and offer value. Jade adds depth to the breath of her experience, having worked with agencies, startups, and global enterprises across industries to define, support and implement successful search engine optimization (SEO), content, analytics, brand and public relations strategies.
Creative Lead
Chantal O'Connor
Chantal specializes in digital strategy and graphic design. With a background in federal and provincial politics, she pairs strategic thinking with creative solutions. Chantal produces high-quality, audience engaging digital content, focusing primarily on video and static graphics.
Digital Strategist
Angelo Isidorou
Angelo Isidorou has extensive experience in political marketing, specifically in the digital realm. His original content has reached millions of viewers and readers across multiple platforms, including Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram. Angelo is deeply involved in politics, having managed campaigns for the Conservative Party and producing multiple partisan digital campaigns. Angelo is also proficient in communications, graphic design, and editing. Before joining MMG, Angelo was the Director of the Free Speech Club Ltd., an advocacy organization dedicated to promoting free speech on Canadian campuses.
Creative Designer
Grant Woods
Grant’s primary focus is on video editing and digital content creation. He uses various programs to achieve unparalleled production value including Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects, Maxon Cinema 4d, Octane Render Engine and Insydium X-Particles.
Graphic Designer
Tino Dihwa
A seasoned problem solver, Tino is a graphic designer with extraordinary creative thinking and project design abilities. Tino has a sharp eye for details, creating engaging designs for social media and other platforms while following brand templates and style guidelines. Passionate about design and eager to learn more, Tino's goal is to consistently create impactful graphics and videos that build empathy and tell a story.
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